“People ask me why I work so hard at the age of 60, why not retire and take it easy. I wish I could make them understand why. I never thought I would go out of the house someday and work to earn a wage. That’s the life I always imagined of having, that’s the life I was always taught to have. Until, one day, I lost my husband. For quite some time, I felt numb. But I decided to pick myself up for my son and his future. Even if it called for not being with him when he fell sick, going to work each and every day to meet the needs. But somewhere, deep down, I realised that maybe working every day was my way of continuing to live. My way of saying I will go on. I could win the perfect attendance award, my bosses always joke, but somewhere they understand it too that I work so hard not just to survive but to live. I have been rooting for Gatim way before Gatim opened its first store, since 2011. And now when I visit the stores and stock the racks every day, it just feels nice to think that I can add magic to someone’s world with my wrinkled hands.”

 – Keya Mukherjee


Keya is one of the many women who make Gatim what it is. By sharing her story, we salute her commendable spirit and celebrate her for who she is.