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माँ Beti Collection by Gatim

The "Ma Beti Collection by Gatim" is a tribute to the timeless bond shared between mothers and daughters. Crafted with love and a keen eye for style, this collection embodies elegance that transcends generations.

Black Embellished Floral Printed Cotton Kurti
Black Embellished Floral Printed Cotton Kurti
Sale priceRs. 697.00
Lemon Yellow Floral Printed Cotton Kurti
Lemon Yellow Floral Printed Cotton Kurti
Sale priceRs. 697.00


Perfect pairs for the perfect pair

Gatim's Couples Collection is designed to celebrate the beautiful bond shared by couples. With a range of stylish and harmonious outfits, this collection allows partners to express their individuality while showcasing their unity.

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Gatim stands as a vibrant beacon in the world of fast fashion, specializing in everyday ethnic wear that beautifully bridges the gap between tradition and modernity.

Voices of Elegance: Our Customers Speak

I've always struggled to find ethnic wear that fits into my daily wardrobe without feeling too dressy. Gatim has completely changed that for me. Their kurtas are so versatile and comfortable; I can wear them to work and then straight to a dinner date. Absolutely love the convenience!

Priya Singh, Mumbai


The Birth of Gatim

The Beginning

Towards the end of the 19th century amidst the monopolistic trade regulations by the British East India Company, came a revolution, a consolidated uprising of Indian entrepreneural ingenuinity. For hundreds of years the community living on the fringes of the civilised Indian Culture, were being threatend. Their existence questioned, their way of life destroyed. With hunger in their belly, their roofs snatched, their clothes reduced to tatterdemalion, these
natives had their backs against the wall. With every passing day, the Raj kept rearing it's ugly greedy head. Looms were being shattered, trade routes blocked, heavy tariffs and taxes were being imposed. Pushed to the brink were these poor natives.