“What difference can a woman bring?” was a question that started it all.

Co-Founders Aakriti Gupta and Sneha Kariwala, the sisters-in-law but sisters-at-heart duo broke more than just societal conventions when they started Gatim during a time laden with challenges. Gatim became a source of empowerment by employing hundreds of skilled women artisans during the uncertainties of Covid-19. Today, with over 90% of our frontline sales force comprising of women, our homegrown, women-owned and women-run, brand is one step closer to our vision of bringing quality, affordable fashion to everyone.

At Gatim, we celebrate the spirit of being unapologetically yourself. We weave comfort and style into our ethically-sourced fabrics, combining traditional Indian designs with contemporary silhouettes. To deliverquality fashion without the hefty price tag, our collections are thoughtfully crafted to be the proud Everyday Ethnicwear for the modern-day Indian.

Our brand name, Gatim, is inspired by the small boats used to transport the Khadi clothes woven by Bengali artisans, symbolizing Indian entrepreneurial ingenuity against the monopolistic trade regulations imposed by the British East India Company. With this spirit, we dared to enter a competitive market dominated by fashion giants.

With the constant support of all those who love Gatim and love themselves in Gatim, we have grown from one store to thirty-six in just four years. As we celebrate our growth story and continue to expand our presence across India, our mission remains steadfast: to make sustainable fashion accessible to all. Together, we embark on a journey to make a difference—one belovedly crafted garment at a time.