“I am my son’s entire world, and mine revolves around him. I still remember the first day he grasped my finger with his tiny hand and how he didn’t want to let go. I realised how it was ‘us against the world’. I quit my job in 2012, since I had no one else at home, apart from my husband, who can help me raise him. I made sure that he always had me by his side growing up. So it was hard for him when I decided to start working again in 2022 to build for his future. Coming back to work after 10 years was hard, especially working as a Product Manager in E-Commerce was a new world in itself. But leaving my seven-year-old behind to come to work every day is way harder; it breaks my heart a little every time. Yet, I use it as my motivation instead. Each day I learn to do better, both as a professional and as a mother.”

– BijitaChatterjee

Product Manager

Bijita is one of the many women who make Gatim what it is. By sharing her story, we salute her commendable spirit and celebrate her for who she is.