Trends are like fads that keep on changing. Like seasons, trends change but that does not mean that you will stop caring about them. Trends, style, fashion all these reflect your personality. Like your heart, lungs, and kidneys are essential parts of your body, the pattern and prints of the clothes you put on, add life to your outfit.

India, being the land of culture and tradition offers patterns and textiles which are unique and diverse that represent each state. Modern fashion has seen the amalgamation of ethnic and western wear and there is also no reason for you to give it a try. Whether it is a dress or a cropped top, or even a jumpsuit that is considered western wear, you can find ethnic prints on them complementing the style perfectly.

So here goes the trendy ethnic prints that you must have in your wardrobe:

1. Bandhni Print

The word Bandhani literally translates to "tye," which perfectly describes the splash of prints. Bandhani is a type of tie-and-dye textile that is made by tightly tying a cloth into several small knots with a sealed thread and then dyeing it. The bandhani print can be considered a trendy ethnic print in which you must have at least one piece in your wardrobe. This intricate weaving and dyeing process results in the tiny dotted or line patterns most commonly seen in Bandhani prints. Bandhani is widely regarded as one of the oldest tie-and-dye techniques, introduced in India by the Khatri community of Gujarat.

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2. Batik

Batik print, originated in Indonesia and spread to other parts of South Asia, including India, is considered a trendy ethnic print to have in your wardrobe. The revival of Batik's relevance in modern textiles is frequently associated with a course introduced at Kolkata's Shantiniketan University. Batik prints are made using a resistance-dying technique that prints the fabric with molten wax. The fabric is dyed after bits of it have been covered in wax. As a result, the waxed areas retain their original colour and form patterns around the dyed areas. With floral and ornamental motifs, the print is repetitive and often intricate.

3. Dabu

A mud-resist hand-block printing technique is used to create another traditional print that originated in certain pockets of Rajasthan. A muddy mixture of gum, lime, and beaten wheat chaff that blocks out the areas before and during an indigo bath, creating a one-of-a-kind pattern. Despite the time-consuming process, Dabu print has re-emerged as a popular ethnic print in recent years. This print is most likely to be found in earthy blue and indigo tones, with plant or floral motifs in white or the original fabric colour.

4. Lehriya

You've probably seen dupattas with this lovely wavy print in the recent past and is definitely a trendy ethnic print to have in your wardrobe. Leheriya is a Rajasthani traditional tie and dye printing technique. Artists use resist dyeing to create flickering striped patterns on a variety of bright fabrics. The name refers to the structure of patterns found in the Leheriya print, such as diagonal or chevron waves. Leheriya sarees are extremely popular in Rajasthani ethnic wear, but this print can also be found in dupattas, dresses, sarees, and Kurtis.

5. Kalamkari

The literal translation of the word "Kalamkari" is "pen art," and this traditional print originated in Iran before spreading to Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat. Kalamkari is one of the most beautiful and intricate textile printing techniques in India, involving block printing or hand printing with organic dyes. This print is heavily influenced by elements of Indian mythology, with motifs from the Ramayana and Mahabharata being among the most common.

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