“Raising three daughters is a hassle – is what my father had to listen to for as long as I can remember. But he always dismissed it with a smile. He has worked hard all his life, running a family of five is not easy when you did not come from a lot of money. Yet, not once have I seen his smile waver when looking at me and my sisters. And I knew I wanted to take some of the weight off his shoulders. I started working to support my family, to not ask my father for money when he already had so much to worry about. But most importantly, I do it to see my father’s smile when I buy him something with my own money. Now, his smiles are way brighter because they come with pride in his daughter.”

– Shiuli Halder

Sales Executive

Shiuli is one of the many women who make Gatim what it is. By sharing her story, we salute her commendable spirit and celebrate her for who she is.