Ways to Style a Short Kurti:  A Guide for Modern Women

Ways to Style a Short Kurti: A Guide for Modern Women

Do you wake up confused every day wondering what to wear?

Going through the hassle and dilemma of deciding on the perfect outfit every day could be such a task. You don’t even want to repeat the same outfit, you want to look stylish yet not sacrifice comfort.

Well now that’s a lot of boxes to tick on the fit checklist, isn’t it?

But what if we tell you donning a chic outfit every day without having to repeat or sacrifice comfort is not that difficult?

Short Kurti for Women- A wardrobe staple

short kurti

If you’re looking for something cool, snazzy, and comfy, owning a few elegant short kurti pieces can solve your wardrobe woes!

Traditional wear has long been an evident part of every Indian women’s apparel collection. Earlier it was something women wore only on only specific occasions, particularly traditional events. But now with the emergence of new trends and designs, there’s an array of short kurta styles and patterns you can wear to work, college, shopping, or even for a day out with friends.

Short kurtis are a cooler version of long kurtis, they’re like tunics or tops with a touch of traditional wear. You can easily create a lot of different outfits with just one short kurti, it depends on how you style it. Have a look at this guide on how to style short kurti, hope it helps!

Palazzo/Cigarette Pants 

Palazzo Cigarette Pants

Ditch your leggings or churidar for a more comfortable yet fashionable look by pairing your short kurti with palazzo or cigarette pants. This combination is perfect for college, work, or even a casual day out. These pants offer comfort with style and are a great option for a quick wardrobe switch-up.


Looking for a sassy yet effortless look? You can never go wrong with the classic combination of Kurti and Jeans. You can pair various styles and cuts of jeans with plenty of modern short kurti designs. To elevate your style, accessorize with a bracelet, watch, hoops, sneakers/flats, and a pair of cool shades.

Jackets and Shrugs

Layer up your outfit and make a statement by adding a long shrug or denim jacket with your Kurti. This trend is gaining popularity and can be worn for almost any occasion. You can even add a scarf to this combination to enhance your attire further.


Wondering what to wear to a wedding or a formal event? Pair a flared skirt with your Kurti, add a vibrant dupatta, and accessorize wisely for an elegant look. Alternatively, for a simpler yet stylish look, pair a basic flared skirt with a plain short Kurti and a stole for college or work.

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Well, we hope this guide solves your confusion about ‘what to wear with short kurti’. So if you ever run out of ideas on how to make a chic statement with your daily outfits you can choose from any of these options and look hip and elegant every day!

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