Twin With Your Daughter This Wedding Season

Twin With Your Daughter This Wedding Season

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The trend of wearing matching outfits with your best friend or your sister has been in vogue for ages now. Twinning with your loved ones is just a way of saying how much you are fond of the other person and how deep is the bond you share.

Well, now it's not just siblings and friends you can twin with. How about mother and daughter matching outfits?!

What’s better than you and your mini-me dressed exactly like you?

We know how excited parents get while dressing up their little ones.

Just like you, they need to have a suave fashion game too, don’t you think? With the twinning trend, you and your daughter could both have a spiffy fashion game and look like the dreamy

‘Queen and Princess duo!’

But elegant fashion trends are about ‘not overdoing’ anything which might not be necessary. That could result in your outfits looking tacky and showy. Instead of going overboard with the twin outfits, opt for something classy without leaving out the playfulness in your attire.

But how? Got anything in mind?

Well, we have got you covered!

Jeans, dungarees, and tops are pretty common outfits and you sure will get a number of ideas for pairing them. But you want something that sets you and your daughter apart right?

With a touch of elegance and grace, Kurtas will be the best choice!

Amongst all the other mother daughter dresses and combos, kurtas will surely make you two stand out in the crowd this wedding season!

Well, by now, we have already given you multiple reasons to twin with your little angel, but here’s two more:

An emblem of your beautiful relationship

Channel your boundless love for each other through the language of fashion!

Wearing matching outfits with your daughter is resemblance to the beautiful bond you two share. Your relationship with your daughter is of pure love and affection, and your daughter is a reflection of you, isn’t it? And well, she looks up to you for everything.

So why not dress her up as a mini version of you?

Clothing under one roof

How can you and your daughter’s outfits be turning heads without putting in a lot of effort?

Instead of brainstorming about fits and visiting multiple stores, this wedding season buy a charming set of kurta for both of you girls! You can twin with your little angel in a pair of cotton kurta sets and show up at weddings or any events like absolute fashionistas born to turn heads!

Twin with your tiny treasures in comfy kurta sets!

Now you can ace the twin game with your little angel with Gatim’s varied collection of Kurtis.

Adorn your doll and yourself with premium-quality clothing from Gatim.

We have a fine range of mother daughter combo dresses in various designs and prints that will be perfect for any occasion.

Dress yourself and your baby in our comfy breathable kurtas made of 100% cotton and now your powerful duo is ready to steal the show wherever you go!