How To Pair Straight Cotton Pants With Your Kurti

How To Pair Straight Cotton Pants With Your Kurti

Mixing and matching contrasting pieces of clothes has been influencing fashion enthusiasts for a long time now. With the evolution of fashion, people are now gradually embracing all kinds of styles and are coming up with something unique every day.

And if we look at the fashion parade that Instagram is, quirky styling ideas and trends are not just set by designers. Every other person is upping their fashion game with their own style quotient.

Pairing and matching different bottoms with tunics have been one of the most popular fashion trends. Now, you might have heard of a lot of tips on western wear. But since we know you’re a fashionista we want you to go unique and pizzaz!

You might have heard of the old and boring Kurti and churidar pair. Well if you’re going for a ‘so last season’ traditional look then it’s alright. But we know you’re not, you’re looking for something chic and unique right?

How about you replace your churidars with straight cotton pants for kurtis?

Cotton Straight Pants- comfy bottoms with a chic flair!

Fashion today is no longer about wearing high-end or uncomfortable clothes that require you to sacrifice comfort.

With the changing fads, it is possible to strike the perfect balance between comfort and fashion. Jeans might be a classic pair but is it really comfortable? No, right?

You can’t spend the whole day wearing jeans when you’re going to work, going to college you have a long busy, and tiring day ahead of you. So you need something that keeps you cozy, allows free movement yet makes you feel confident.

The comfort of cotton straight pants is just what you need to save your long tiring day. At Gatim we craft these pants to give you the comfort and style that makes you a head-turner!

Let’s have a look at the different ways you can adorn a straight cotton pant with Kurtis, shall we?

Cream Cotton Straight Pants with Floral Kurti

This shade would go perfectly with a floral kurti since they’re two very contrasting pieces. The cream-colored pants will give a very earthy and subtle touch to your peppy floral kurti. And now since the summer is approaching this look will be perfect for a long hot day! It will keep you snazzy and comfy and we promise it’ll fetch you a lot of compliments too.

Black Cotton Straight Pants with Mirror worked Kurti

Well, black is the most loved and most-worn color. We barely know someone who doesn’t love black right? Black straight cotton pants for Kurtis go with every color and are the best contrast to any tone.

But mirror work Kurtis will give a stunning look to your attire and make it look dressy and elegant. You can try our mirror work cotton kurta in mustard yellow and asparagus green with your black straight pants and add some junk jewelry to it.

Dark Blue Cotton Straight Pants with Bandhani Kurti

Dark blue is a very royal shade that enhances your kurti and gives you an elegant look too. Just like black dark blue is one such color that can be paired with a lot of color tones. And for a tasteful bottom, you need something classy to pair with it. You can try pairing it with Bandhani printed kurtis that will give you a charming look. You can try matching it with our pink or blue bandhani kurta.

Gatim- bringing you comfy attires that fit all occasions!

Since comfy clothes are topping the charts, we want you to stand out with eye-catchy unique looks every day. With a varsity of kurtis and pants, our fits bring you both comfort and style for almost every occasion.

We have a charming range of Kurtis and straight pants (cotton) that can be paired with kurtis in different designs and styles.

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